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CZ: Playbour označuje ono podivné supermoderní propojení práce s volným časem, příjemnou zábavu produkující hodnoty. Na EP jsou dvě písničky – Supersonik a Counting. Text a námět písničky Supersonik vznikl společně s Terezou Rullerovou ze studia The Rodina. Ta k songu vytvořila video, které je součástí jejího uměleckého projektu Playbour: The New Workaholism vystaveného během července 2015 v galerii Královské Akademie v holandském Haagu. Slova k písničce Counting napsal Ventolin.

EN: "Playbour" means that strange supermodern intetwinning of work and free time, a fun that produces values. There are two songs on the EP - Supersonik and Counting. Lyrics and concept for the song Supersonik came out from the collaboration with Tereza Rullerova from The rodina design studio. Tereza also created a video for the song as a part of her artwork "The New Workaholism" exhibited in the gallery of Royal Academy of Arts in Den Haag. Lyrics for the Counting was written by Ventolin.

Watch the video for Supersonik here:


released July 1, 2015

Music, Lyrics, Mix: Ventolin / David Doubek, Lyrics for Supersonik by David Doubek & Tereza Rullerova.
Mastering: Ondřej Ježek, Studio Jámor
Cover & Design: The Rodina 
Production: Bumbum Satori


all rights reserved



Ventolin Prague, Czech Republic

Live analogue acid techno electro. Booking:, +420 775 376 002

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Track Name: Supersonik
You're promoting your brand
you know where to stand
you're promoting your life
cutting through like a knife

You're working, you're sharing
you're playing, you're sleeping
you're spinning, sweet dreaming

You're supersonic - workaholic

You're touching the stars
no free time has been left
but you feel its awesome
just play and no theft

Happily exploited
performing like mad
born to be measured
living to be tracked

You're working, you're sharing
you're playing, you're sleeping
you're spinning, sweet dreaming

You're supersonic - workaholic

share it like it lick it do it
upload to cloud monetize it
say ABC upload that shit
share it share it push it push it

You're supersonic - workaholic
You're supersonic – workaholic

Postfordist baby

You're supersonic - workaholic
Playbour power playbour times

You're supersonic - workaholic
Playbour party playbour dimes

You're supersonic - workaholic
Track Name: Counting
No purpose
no aim
no answer
evening came

I wanna do something
but it is too hard
I can feel nothing
but my lonely heart

I sticked in time
I lost the thread
I wanna do something
Then go to bed

I’m counting my likes
I’m counting my likes

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